Ayurvedic Hair Oil Made with World’s Finest Virgin Coconut Oil

Coco Veda Virgin Coconut Oil with Savendara Root

This is an earthy blend of our virgin coconut oil infused with the richness of savendara herbal root. Known for it’s distinctive aroma, nature’s prime organic ingredient, savendara will provide the luscious hair you’ve always desired. Drops of this nutritional oil will do wonders in nourishing the scalp, reducing dandruff and strengthening the hair from root to tip.

  • Available In: 190ml and 100ml

Coco Veda Virgin Coconut Oil with Black Seed Oil

It will forbid your hair from ever ageing with the lavishing blend of black seed oil and virgin coconut oil. The creatively designed solution has the long lasting healing properties and promising benefits of black seed oil that will restore and maintain youthful looking hair, as it will prevent premature graying, enhance hair growth and limit split ends.

  • Available In: 190ml and 100ml

Coco Veda Virgin Coconut Oil with Jasmine

Enclose yourself with the romantic aroma of jasmine with Coco Veda. The extravagant blend of jasmine fragrance oil with virgin coconut oil will calm and soothe from within and rejuvenate damaged hair and restore natural shine and smoothness. With natural vitamin E and efficient benefits, why not say goodbye to dull hair forever.

  • Available In: 190ml and 100ml